Connect2Culture Says Arts Generate $5.4 Million In Joplin

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Connect2Culture President Clifford Wert

$5.4 million dollars. That’s the amount of financial impact the nonprofit arts sector has in Joplin according to the results of a year-long study. Joplin’s Connect2Culture and the nonprofit Americans for the Arts conducted the study to examine how people spend money associated with nonprofit art in the area. Connect2Culture President Clifford Wert says the arts serve as magnet bringing people to Joplin.
“Joplin has a great opportunity to continue to bolster its attractiveness,” Wert says. “Arts and entertainment and culture is definitely one of those areas that we can definitely bolster the attractiveness of bringing people to our Joplin community.”
The study found that 191 people are employed fulltime by the not-for-profit arts sector and more than 187,000 people attended arts events in 2015.