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There are four ways to hear KZRG: 102.9FM, 1310AM, 102.5HD-2, 1310KZRG.COM

The 102.5HD2 option requires an HD Radio and has the signal coverage of around 60 miles of Joplin. If you live in Neosho, Pittsburg, Sarcoxie, Goodman, Miami, Girard, Arma, Lamar, Vinita, Gramby, McCune, Grove then the 102.5 HD2 would work best to receive KZRG. You will need an HD radio!

You can get a radio from Best Buy around $50 bucks that will pickup HD Radio.

What is HD Radio? HD Radio represents the next generation in AM and FM broadcast technology. HD Radio is the pure digital transmission medium that greatly improves the sound quality of Radio broadcasts, virtually eliminates static, hiss, pops and fades; upgrades the data display capabilities on receivers and opens up the opportunity for multicasting: broadcasting multiple high-quality channels on each frequency.

What are the benefits to the listener? HD Radio allows today’s Radio listener — representing over 250 million people — to continue listening to current analog broadcasts while enjoying the features of digital broadcasts. They’ll be able to drive around your market — behind buildings, inside parking lots, through rugged terrain — without hearing interference and static that they might experience now. AM broadcasts will sound as good as today’s FM stereo broadcasts, and FM will sound like CDs. They’ll also have access to additional format choices when stations begin multicasting.

What are the benefits to the advertiser? Your sponsors will now have additional avenues to reach your listeners. Data displays can feature visual information such as addresses, phone numbers or coupon codes; multicast channels can feature more targeted programming and the high-quality, transmissions.

Do I need a new receiver in order to enjoy HD Radio broadcasts? Yes, you’ll need an HD Radio receiver to enjoy HD Radio broadcasts. This receiver will be able to pull in Radio stations broadcasting in digital and analog, and it can display text data sent by the station. A number of high-profile receiver manufacturers have launched HD Radio receivers including ADA , Alpine, Boston Acoustics, Day Sequerra, JVC, Kenwood, Panasonic, Polk Audio, Radiosophy, Rotel and Sanyo.

Digital also means improved reception . . .
The digital signal is less vulnerable to reception problems. The radio tuner’s digital processors eliminate the static, pops, hisses, and fades sometimes present in analog signals caused by interference. Multipath distortion, caused by the radio signal being reflected off of buildings and other surrounding obstructions, is completely removed. With HD digital radio you hear only clear, clean, rich sound. Should you lose the digital signal for some reason (obstructing terrain, nearing the edge of the broadcast area, etc.), HD Radio technology defaults back to analog mode, similar to the way current radios switch from stereo to mono mode when receiving a weak signal.

How much do HD compatible receivers cost and where can I buy one?
Prices vary depending on features and between manufacturers and will come down as more manufacturers bring HD products to market. To get the latest information on tuners and costs visit our HD partner’s website Creative Car Audio with locations in Joplin, Pittsburg and Springfield.

Creative Car Audio629 South Main StreetJoplin, MO 64801417-623-3388 Creative Car Audio2501 North BroadwayPittsburg, KS  66762620-231-0708 Creative Car Audio717 West SunshineSpringfield, MO  65807417-831-7320

Also, in the coming months Best Buy and Wal-Mart will be carring radio’s along with Radio Shack. You can also purchase online. We have a one model of HD radio for sale at the KZRG studio for $95.00 call 417-624-1025 and ask for Chad and he’ll coordinate getting your HD radio ordered.

Zimmer Radio is the leader in new HD Radio technology we are the first broadcaster in the area to make a High Definition commitment. Our current stations broadcasting in HD are:

Call Letters Frequency Format
KSYN-FM 92.5 HD1 Top-40
KSYN-FM 92.5 HD2 90’s and 80’s Kissin Again
KIXQ-FM 102.5 HD1 Country
KIXQ-FM 102.5 HD2 News/Talk KZRG
KXDG-FM 97.9 HD1 Main Stream Rock