PSU Reflects on 100th Anniversary of Russ Hall Fire

As today marks the 100th anniversary of a fire that almost destroyed Russ Hall at Pittsburg State University, members of Pittsburg University and the city's fire department gathered Monday morning for a moment of silence in front of the building. On that stormy night in 1914, lightning struck the building, causing a massive fire that killed one student who helped fight the blaze. Lynette Olson, University Provost, and Vice President of Academic Affairs tells News Talk KZRG In many ways, the fire actually brought the city and university closer over the years.

"It represents the connection with the city, which Pittsburg, and Pittsburg University are tied historically, but we're also tied in our committment to education."

The fire department was even honored with a plaque from PSU for their hard work within the community over the past century. Pittsburg Fire Chief Mike Simons tells News Talk KZRG about it.

"It basically is just saying thank you for the support of over 100 years of service from the Pittsburg Fire Department for the university, and community."

Today, the Hall houses administrative, and academic offices.

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