Joplin Fire Department Issues Firework Safety Tips

You're likely to be using - or at least seeing - fireworks this week. Joplin Fire Chief Mitch Randles tells News Talk KZRG when you can do so in the city of Joplin:

"Fireworks are allowed within the city limits from July 1 thru July 4th, typically from the hours of 11am to around 10pm or midnight, depending on the night. We'll let 'em go a little later on July 4th because, obviously, it's the big day for fireworks."

As for what to remember when you use fireworks, Randles says it's just common sense: don't aim at anyone or anything other than the sky, keep a bucket of water nearby, and don't let kids fire them off alone.

"Please follow the instructions on the package. We get several calls per year where someone was holding the firework when it went off, or they lit it and then threw it, and that's not safe to do."
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Location : Joplin
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