Nixon Explains Tax Cut Vetoes

Governor Jay Nixon was in Carthage Friday morning explaining why he vetoed 10 bills that would allow $776 million in tax breaks even though he proposed nearly a billion dollars in breaks for Boeing earlier this year. He tells News Talk KZRG how it's different.

"Number one, we actually had hearings, and we actually voted on those in public. Second of all, in order to receive any benefits, it would have to be for a neccessary significant capital investment, and then after new jobs are created,  the only benefits that would have been received would have been for them to keep a portion of the withholding taxes."

While speaking to community leaders, and business owners about the " fiscal irresponsibility" proposed by some lawmakers. Carthage Police Chief Greg Dagnan says the cuts would also affect his department.

"If the estimates are right, it would be a significant impact to the public safety of Carthage, we'd definitely have to reduce some services, probably some personnel."

In addition to hurting local government, the cuts would also reduce funding to voter-approved repairs such as roads, bridges, hospitals, and jails. Nixon says with a budget that's already smaller than last year's without having to include the cuts proposed by lawmakers, it's going to be a difficult job to balance the budget before July 17th.

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