Charges Filed Against Hit and Run Suspects

Four people suspected of being high on meth were taken into custody Tuesday afternoon after they rammed a police vehicle while trying to flee the Discount Liquor and Smokes parking lot at 7th and St. Louis after being approached by Joplin Police. Sgt. Chad Allison tells News Talk KZRG what happened after the car took off.

"The vehicle pulled out on 7th Street and fled eastbound. During that time, they threw out a black container that appeared to contain methanphetamine."

The suspects, 25 year old Nicolette Cunningham, 28-year-old Paula Woody, and Jeffrey Cope, and Timothy Avey, both 31 of Joplin were arrested at a short time later at a home located at 117 St. Charles after abandoning their vehicle and fleeing on foot. No officers were injured.

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Location : St. Louis
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