Davis Responds to Humane Society Report

Despite a law passed in 2011 to curb illegal puppy mills in Missouri, the state is #1 in the nation with the number of "problem puppy mills," according to a new Humane Society report. State Representative Charlie Davis reminds News Talk KZRG a law can only go so far.

"How many times have we ever made a law that banned something that was 100% effective? It's against the law to murder, but we still have that in this country. It's against the law to make meth, but we still have drugs running rampant in our streets. You need to look at the agenda of whoever's doing this report; there's always someone who has an agenda, and their agenda is, of course, to badmouth Missouri."

The Humane Society's report lists 22 Missouri dog breeders as "problem puppy mills." Kansas is #2 in the nation with 13.
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