JPD Gushes On New Armored Vehicle

The Joplin Police Department's loving their new armored vehicle they received as a gift from the U.S. military last month. It's worth nearly $750,000, and didn't cost the city anything other than the cost of the fuel to drive it back from Sealy, Texas. The Mine Resistent Ambush Protective Vehicle is practically new. It was built in 2012, but it was already fully upgraded before being gifted to the department. Lt. Matt Stewart explains.

"The cab and the main part of the vehicle are used, however, the suspension, the motor, the drive train, and transmision are all brand new. The tires are all brand new and we were also able to obtain 12 additional tires as back-up."

Stewart says they'll not only be able to use the vehicle in cases of active shooter situations, but also after natural disasters.

"Like after the tornado. There were several places we couldn't get our vehicles to because of the amount of debris in the way. This vehicle will allow us to get to those places a lot quicker. Also, if we had some flooding, we would be able to use this to go into some pretty deep waters."

Similar vehicles are being donated to departments around the country. Stewart says it'll be a great addition to the department since the SWAT's vehicle isn't as reliable in it's old age. See the pictures on

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