Rep. Long On CBO’s Health Coverage Forecast

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Last week, the Congressional Budget Office released projections about the Republican health care proposal being debated in the House.  According to the CBO, 24 million people will lose their insurance coverage over the next ten years.  Missouri Congressman Billy Long told the KZRG Morning Newswatch he doesn’t have much faith in the CBO’s numbers.

“They said that in 2016, there would be 24 million people on Obamacare.  24 million.  There were ten million in 2016, so they missed it by a ton.”

Long also said the number of people who would no longer have health insurance is a bit misleading.  Because you wouldn’t be mandated to have health insurance, many people would choose to not buy it.  “You know, no one should be able to force you to say ‘Hey, you gotta buy a polled Hereford, you gotta buy a limousine, you gotta buy a Ford pickup truck.’  And that’s the same way with insurance.  People should not have to be coerced to buy insurance.”

Long says there’s a difference between not being able to get insurance and choosing to not buy it.
  • Crystal Stewart

    Why is it perfectly alright to say you gotta have insurance on that Ford pickup, but not to say you gotta have health insurance?

  • ngoth02

    Why is it ok to make those of us with health insurance (all our lives btw) to pay for people who can afford health insurance, CHOOSE not to buy it, then get sick & cant pay? These are the true freeloaders for which a separate accounting method & payment method was not covered in AHCA virtually identical to pre-ACA. Pre-ACA those unpaid costs just passed to the insured without distinction/separation from the poor. There could be more done but at least the ACA assures everyone is paying something in some way & has a clear separation of the type of no payers for accounting, reporting & transparency.