Pecos League Brass Meets With Joplin Officials

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Joplin officials met Tuesday (10/11) with Pecos League Commissioner Andrew Dunn about possibly adding a team in Joplin for 2017.  Dunn tells News Talk KZRG the meeting went well.

“I think now it’s a time for the City and possibly the Pecos League to figure out what situation would work to bring baseball to Joplin and the minors back to Joplin.”

Dunn said he also met with some season ticket holders for the now defunct Joplin Blasters about their expectations for minor league baseball in the city.

Joplin City Manager Sam Anselm tells News Talk KZRG the meeting went well, but a deal to bring minor league baseball back to Joplin isn’t close.  “At this point, we’re still just gathering information, so I’m reaching out to officials with other cities, gathering copies of the leases that they have.”

Anselm says the City is always looking for ways to utilize Joe Becker Stadium.  The Pecos League is an independent minor league with eight teams.  Most of its players are new to professional baseball.