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Try, try again.  That's what the Joplin School Board will do next month to fill the vacant seat on the Board.  Tuesday night (5/26), the Board could not give the required four vote majority to any of the three candidates for the open seat. Board President Jeff Koch tells News Talk KZRG he's not discouraged.

"I think right now people are very firm in their opinions, and that's OK.  If we're not able to seat the seventh member, it's not the end of the world.  We're still able to conduct business."

The Board will try to decide in June between Jim Kimbrough, Dr. Marsi Archer and Sharrock Dermott for the open position. 

News Talk KZRG asked Jim Kimbrough if the deadlock discourages him.  "I've had so many people encourage me to serve.  When people ask you to serve, I mean, this is a volunteer job.  And people ask you to serve, you want to step up and serve, just like anyone else would, any other part of the community."

Randy Steele was absent from Tuesday's meeting.
The City of Joplin continues to look for developers interested in building housing for seniors at 26th and McClelland.  You'll remember that was a proposal touted by the City's former master developer Wallace Bajjali.  Joplin Community Development Block Grant project manager Patty Heagel tells News Talk KZRG it's not known if the project will include medical facilities, as the Wallace Bajjali proposal did.

"Our housing analysis showed there was a need for affordable senior housing.  That will be up to each developer submitting a proposal as to what combination of housing opportunities and other amenities that they would be offering."

Interested developers have 120 days to submit their proposals to the City.
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